10 Hidden Health Benefits Of Avocado Seed No One Tells You


Sarah blood pressure and cholesterol were high. A health article discussing avocado seeds caught her alert. Intrigued, she ground up some avocado seeds from her daily breakfast. Sarah was surprised at how much her cholesterol and blood pressure improved after taking the powder supplement for a few weeks. As a result of this simple solution, she told all her friends how much it helped her health. As a result, they are all drinking avocado seed smoothies now and feel much better than before.

Let’s discover how you can have the maximum health benefits of avocado seed.

There is no doubt that avocado seeds are often discarded and ignored in the world. But no one knows they are a hidden gem of health benefits. There is another name for avocado seeds, that is avocado pits. These foods are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. They can help reduce inflammation. Moreover, they also have antimicrobial properties that are very helpful for our body and boost good digestive health. In this blog, we will learn about the 10 best health benefits of avocado seed that you have not known until now.

Nutritional Facts Of Avocado (200 grams)

10 Health Benefits Of Avocado Seed

Helps In Balancing Cholesterol Levels

Avocado seeds are one of the most fiber-filled foods in the world. Many studies show avocado seeds can reduce cholesterol since fiber lowers cholesterol levels.

According to Penn State University’s Department of Food Science study, avocado seeds offer many benefits to heart health.

Moreover, they also said that it may improve hypercholesterolemia. And it can be very helpful in blood pressure cure, diabetes, and inflammatory issues. Furthermore, seeds are antimicrobial, insecticidal, and fungicidal.

Helps In Fighting Cancer

Avocado seeds are famous as they have the properties to fight cancer. This is because they have flavonols, a type of flavonoid. It has compounds like kaempferol, myricetin, and quercetin, which act as strong antioxidants to stop and reduce tumor growth. 

The health benefits of avocado seed is that it contains healthy fats. These fats can precisely target leukemia cells without harming healthy cells.  

A story issued in Pharmaceutical Biology in 2013 found that avocado fruit and seed extracts can easily allow leukemia cells to die.

A study from 2015 found that avocatin B, a substance from avocados, can kill cancer cells in AML. The study was posted in Cancer Research Notes. Therefore, it helps in reducing AML cell life without putting any harm to normal blood cells.

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Promotes Healthy Skin

Avocado seeds have direct effects on your skin when applied externally. It has a lot of antioxidants. These antioxidants have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. They can help reduce skin damage, improve tissue growth and battle scars. 

When used on the head, avocado seed oil can improve signs of seborrheic dermatitis. Conducting more studies to determine how avocado seeds can benefit the skin is vital.

Protects From Kidney Damage

Avocado seeds have antioxidant effects that can help save your kidneys from damage.

This is the main reason many studies find out about the health benefits of avocado seed.

In the case of organ transplants, taking cyclosporine stops the body from rejecting the new organ. However, it can yield high levels of uric acid, urea, and creatinine in the body, which are a direct sign of kidney damage.

In research, avocado seeds help save the kidney from damage. As a result, cyclosporine is very useful in stopping the immunity system during organ transplants.

Yet, no study proves that avocados help the kidneys because of their antioxidants.

Highly Rich In Fibre

Avocado seeds are a good source of fiber. About 100 grams of seeds have about 11 gms of fiber, thus suggesting over 40% daily intake. 

Fiber improves digestion and helps with regular bowel movements. It can also help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Moroever, the high fiber content of avocado seeds also helps you lose weight by offering the feeling that there is no space in your stomach.

Helps In Easing Arthritis Signs

Undoubtedly, arthritis is a typical inflammatory state affecting the joints. Some studies show avocado seeds may help lower the signs of osteoarthritis, the most famous type

 in medical science. 

A cream containing avocado seed extract can also reduce pain and immobility in osteoarthritis patients. Therefore, the pain-relieving compounds in this fruit are liable for this maximum pain relief. 

Powerhouse Of Nutrients

As mentioned at the blog’s start, avocado seeds are best for our health. The fat they have them in is healthy. They contain 2 types of fats: polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

The function of monounsaturated fats is to improve the heart’s health. Thus, fats can ease the chance of heart disease by reducing bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol. 

But the health benefits of avocado seed don’t end here. They also offer a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. Moreover, they are a good source of vitamin C and are famous for their immune-boosting properties. Vitamin B is vital for energy production and better brain health. 

Furthermore, you will get magnesium, which helps muscle and nerve function, and potassium, which maintains blood pressure.

Helps In Digestion

For our digestive system, fibers are an unsung icon. Fibers are available in huge amounts in avocado seeds. Avocado seeds contain 2 types of fibers: soluble and insoluble fibers. And both are vital to keeping a healthy digestion system.

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The function of soluble fiber is to absorb water and make a gel-like substance, which slows down digestion. Moreover, it helps to control diabetes and keep you feeling full for more time.

By contrast, insoluble fiber helps stop bloating. It does this by keeping your stool bulky and promoting normal bowel movements. As a result of these fibers working together, the gut environment is pleasant.

Slows Down Aging

The other one of the best health benefits of avocado seed is that it slows your aging process. The powerful antioxidants in it fight free radicals as they can cause heavy harm to healthy skin cells. Free radicals are the chief cause that speeds up skin aging and boosts age spots, wrinkles, sun damage, skin elasticity, and fine lines.

Avocado seed oil promotes collagen formation for firm, youthful, and smooth skin.

You can simply use avocado oil to apply to your whole body, speed up the making of new skin cells, and enable blood flow. As a result, you can reverse the aging process and remain young for longer.

Keeps Our Mental Health Stable

In the present time, mental health needs a lot of attention. All the people in the world face 2 common causes: stress and sorrow. There are many ways to deal with them, but with health benefits of avocado seed you can easily handle it.

In order to be mentally fit, physical fitness is a must. Extracts of avocado seeds give multiple health benefits to both.

However, this fruit has a direct link with mental health disorders. The high risk of mental disorders like stress and depression is reduced to a lesser amount. This occurs due to the release of hormones like dopamine and serotonin. 

Can You Drink Avocado Seed Tea Daily?

Most of the Google searches were “Can you drink avocado seed tea daily?”

We will help you in this regard. 

Boiling or soaking avocado seeds in water makes avocado seed tea. It offers many health benefits which you can’t even rethink. It includes reducing BP, inflammation, and cholesterol. However, fewer scientific proofs support these claims.

Yes, you can drink avocado seed tea often. Additionally, you can combine it with other teas or drink it alone. Drinking avocado seed powder with warm water on an empty stomach is also an option.

The avocado seed tea has a light flavor and can be brewed several times. Potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins are all present in it. Additionally, avocado seeds contain fiber and healthy fats, helping to lose weight and improve health.

How Can You Easily Make Avocado Tea?

In order to make avocado seed tea, you have to follow some simple steps.

  • Firstly, take an avocado and remove its seed.
  • In the next step, boil the seed in a cup of water for about 5 minutes.
  • You will now need to cut the seed into small pieces carefully. 
  • Allow the pieces to soak in two cups of water for 7-8 minutes.
  • Hereafter, turn off the flame
  • Take a cup and strain it into it
  • Lastly, you can add a teaspoon of honey for a better taste.
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Avocado Seed: How To Eat Them

Slice It Up

As we all know, it is very hard to chew avocado seeds; if you wish to bite the seed straight from the fruit, you must chop it. Make sure not to add directly into the blender.

Cut small pieces with a sharp knife, then process or blend once ground.

Make Sure To Dry It And Make A Powder.

First, you need to wash the seeds and let them dry, then put them under shiny sun for some days. 

After that, transfer the dried seeds to a thick plastic bag and smash them into very small pieces with a rolling pin or hammer. Then, process the pieces into a blender to make their fine powder.

Sprinkle Or Stir Avocado Seeds Into

  • Smoothies
  • Dressings for salads
  • A variety of baked goods
  • Stews, soups, and sauces
  • Grains, oatmeal, and quinoa
  • A cup of avocado pit tea
  • If you want to add nuts or seeds anywhere else, you can do so.

Possible Side Effects Of Avocado Seeds

Tastes Bitter:

There is a bitter flavor to avocado seeds that some people do not like.

Intestinal Pain:

If you consume too much, you may face digestive issues such as nausea or upset stomach.

Signs Of An Allergy:

Avocado seeds may cause allergies in some people.

Toxic Compounds:

Avocado seeds may be toxic in large quantities due to naturally occurring compounds.

Risk Of Choking:

Choking risks exist due to the seeds’ hardness and difficulty chewing.

Concerns About Your Teeth:

Hard seeds may damage dental work and teeth when chewed.

Final Words,

From this blog, we can conclude that avocados offer many benefits. When you enjoy the delicious avocado, don’t dump its seed. The health benefits of avocado seed are ignorable. These seeds offer numerous health benefits, from brewing avocado seed tea to consuming avocado seed powder.

Let avocado seeds enhance your well-being naturally through their adaptability and health benefits. Don’t miss out on their great potential by giving them a try. It will be beneficial for your body.

Health Benefits Of Avocado Seed- FAQS

Is avocado seed tea caffeine-free?

There is no caffeine in avocado seed tea by nature.

How does avocado seed tea benefit the body?

Antioxidants are present in it, which may ease cholesterol and blood pressure.

What is the best way to make avocado seed tea?

Put avocado seeds in boiling water, then add lemons, honey, or spices.

Is it possible to drink too much avocado seed tea?

It’s probably not in moderation, but try one cup per day first.

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