Sugar Balance – Lower Your Blood Sugar Level Properly

A new supplement called Sugar Balance is finally giving people living with type two diabetes a break from their constant needle pricks and insulin injections. After all, it’s no fun to have your life revolve around checking blood sugar levels every few hours or injecting yourself multiple times per day just so you can survive. Similarly, this sugar balance review will show what the supplements entail also answering whether they’re worth trying for those struggling with high sugars on top of already difficult live and how much more effective these are than expensive medication options that come loaded up with side effects like weight gain!

Sugar Balance

What Is Sugar Balance?

As you know, lifestyle is the main factor for suffering from diseases on various occasions. It includes food habits, working manner and modules, exercise, and many more. In these modern days, we have rich foods very often.

These are not good for our health, but you get defeated against the temptation of foods. Consequently, our body finds level up sugar and cholesterol. In this way, we lead ourselves to death. But we can get rid of this problem. What we need is just to get a sugar balance to protect our health. You know, it is a kind of supplement that helps us to metabolize the sugar and to produce much energy in our body entirely.

What Does Diabetes Means?

Diabetes is a disease. This occurs in your body when the level of glucose in the blood, which is usually known as blood sugar, is quite high. The primary source of energy is glucose in the blood, and this comes from the food we eat.

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes?

Some of the symptoms that you will have if you have type 1 diabetes are the following:

1. Increased thirst and urge to urinate
2. Increased appetite
3. Fatigue
4. Blurry vision
5. Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
6. Ulcers that do not heal
7. Weight loss for no apparent reason

It should be emphasized that the symptoms that appear for patients with type 1 diabetes can appear quickly. This can be done in a matter of a week. But, type 2 diabetes, can progress very slowly, or for a long time afterward. In addition, these symptoms can often not be noticed or have no symptoms.

Who Can Have Diabetes Type 2?

You are at increased risk for type 2 diabetes if you are elderly, obese, have a family history of diabetes, or do not exercise. Suffering from prediabetes also increases that risk. People who have prediabetes have a higher than average sugar level but not enough to be considered diabetic. If you are at risk for type 2 diabetes, you may be able to delay or prevent its development by making a few lifestyle changes.

Symptoms when having type 2 diabetics

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes appear slowly, but they can show in your body significant problems. Therefore, you must identify them. But also, some people do not even notice them. They may include:

1. You can be very thirsty
2. You might have frequent urination
3. You can also feel hungry or tired
4. Losing weight without trying
5. Having wounds that heal slowly
6. Blurry vision

If you notice one of these problems in your body, you are becoming a diabetic type 2. You must go to a doctor and find something like Sugar Balance. It will help you to regulate your blood levels and will continue with your healthy life

Is There Any Herbal Supplement To Control Blood Glucose Levels?

You can have an herbal supplement to do so. In enormous instances, we have seen that natural products are effective than artificial or chemical products. Besides, it has no adverse effect on health. Our nature is full of those useful resources. Using them, you can control your Insulin levels.

In this continuation, Sugar balance herbal supplement plays a crucial role to balance your sugar level. Similar to this supplement, there are some other natural herbs like Cinnamon, Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Bitter Melon, Milk Thistle, and many more to do so. You can entirely depend on these natural supplements to control the sugar level in your body.

Why Should Use This Supplement?

In the ancient period, people used to depend on the natural herb to get healed from diseases. This dependency on natural herbal extract has not ended yet. In this modern medical science world, we may advance through invention, but still, natural resources are playing a pivotal role in medical treatment.

When you require improving your health, then you can depend on natural resources with eye-closed. There is no doubt that this dependency will be fruitful to your health issues. It is so blunt that an imbalance of sugar level can cause various adverse health issues for our health.

You know, diabetes can be vital among them. There are two types of diabetes, such as type one and type two. In that case, a sufficient proven health sugar balance will protect you from the complexity of diabetes. Besides, our health will suffer less from diseases if we take care of our health. You, a sugar balance supplement, is the key to caring for our health to maintain the sugar level.

It will help you in absorbing sugar in your body. The most important fact is that it has such a utility to provide the necessary power to our health. Most importantly, very often, you may need to live on different medicines. But some recent research on health management has revealed that you can get rid of taking some of those medicines if you are on this natural supplement.

Does Sugar Balance Really Work?

From nature, we can find large herb extract to make medicines which are essential for our health. But the fact is doubt. As a common man, it is quite difficult for you to know the exact effectiveness of these supplements. So, it is not illogical if you raise questions asking, does sugar balance work on your body? The answer is so simple. It works perfectly to reduce your suffering. If you go through the findings of various researches, you may get the proper information regarding this issue.

Moreover, there is enough evidence that shows that natural supplements have lots of impacts to maintain the sugar level. Thus, our bodies get relief from the adverse effect of diseases or other health issues. Besides, it has enough utilities to diminish all the toxic from your body. In this way, you can determine how it works for your health.

How Does It Work?

It is quite essential to know how it works on our body. If you know the working process of this supplement, you will be more sure about its effectiveness. The information is so influential in mobilizing the activity of health care. In this case, you should get sugar balance reviews from the experts. It works intensively in our bodies. You know the supplement has the ingredients to make a positive change in the sugar level.

If you are suffering from the fatty liver, then it may appear as a perfect remedy for you. It deoxidizes the liver to increase the sugar-regulating functions. Besides, the pancreas works well in normalizing the blood sugar level when it gets in touch with the supplements. It accurately tunes the pancreatic cells to provide energy all over the body.  According to research, we have found that it takes four weeks to starts its work on the body in controlling the sugar level. But in the end, it increases the productivity of your health.


Ingredients are all to make the sugar balance pills quite effective. They work differently in our bodies. These are the natural herb extracts which enable a proven health sugar balance to be a perfect operative for our health. An ideal mixture of those ingredients is the whole that we swallow in our bodies. Before getting a place into the mix, every element needs to go through various processes to be the best for supplements.

After the processing, they get added to the blends. The most important fact is that it has acquired eight different natural herb extract to get in a cocktail. This cocktail later emerges as satisfactory to our taste buds, and in this way, it provides the authority to our body in controlling the sugar level. It works well for diabetes patients all over the world. For its remedy power, it has got the name all over the world.

At first, a supplement manufacturer collects all eight ingredients from all over the world. After that, they put all the ingredients in a single blender in the proper ratio to make the supplements. The proportion of ingredients must remain accurate to produce effective medicine for the patients.

In this way, the supplements get ready to use. You know this is best for the people who wants to control diabetes and to have lots of medicines to get rid of substantial health issues. In this matter, this supplement relief the people from using further medication in this regard. Let’s know about the eight ingredients which are essential for making the perfect supplements.

Schisandra Chinese Extract:

It is a natural herb extract that can bring several benefits to our body. It can improve the skin of our organization, make us stress-free, and get us relief from the inflammatory problem. Moreover, it has the power to increase the performance and endurance of our bodies.

Licorice Root Extract:

Actually, it is a unique ingredient to make a supplement for gastrointestinal issues. This natural herb has come with the utility to work in immunity, adrenal fatigue, and hurt burn.

Astragalus Root Extract:

You know the natural power of this extract is quite incredible. It can work as an anti-inflammatory, stress reliever, and anti-adrenal fatigue. On the other hand, you use it for its anti-aging facilities. All most all-natural supplements include this ingredient.

Wild Yam Root Extract:

The doctor suggests it because of its quality of curing health problems like menopause, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and muscular cramps. Moreover, various studies have found that it lessens the sugar and fat level of our body.

Soloman’s Seal Extract:

Mainly, the medicinal use of this ingredient is as an astringent because it can keep the tissue dry and amalgamated. Besides, it can cure the lunge disorder and inflammatory disease.

Mulberry Leaf:

The modern medical science refers to perfect ingredients for the diabetes patient because of its pharmacological activeness. It can increase the power of your liver and lessens blood pressure. Moreover, you can lose weight by having this ingredient.

Lycium Chinese Fruit Extract:

It can cure a lot of health problems at a time. The medicinal use of this ingredient is to cure inflammation, skin itching, bleeding, and relieving from pain. Besides, you can use it as a natural sedative.

Balloon Flower Root Extract:

You can use it as an expectorant to get relieved yourself form cough. Besides, it has effectiveness in lessening inflammation and fatty liver problems.

Sugar Balance Pills Review – Is It Safe To Use?

It is quite safe to use. It has got no side effects because the ingredients it contains are entirely natural. The natural ingredients come with a power-boosting formula and provide relief from various health problems. In this supplement, you will not find such elements which can bring adverse effect to your bodies. If you aren’t sure more accurately, then you can follow the sugar balance reviews. On the other hand, experts find a supplement as a gift from nature. It contains the enormous kind of remedy for your various health issues.

You can use it as an expectorant to get relieved yourself form cough. Besides, it has effectiveness in lessening inflammation and fatty liver problems.

How To Use?

Using this supplement is quite simple as like taking some other medicines you usually take for curing diseases. Just keep in mind that the central fact is to maintain the regularity in making this for your health. You need to follow the right pattern of your lifestyle.

According to the study, you should take this supplement daily. The experts suggest the patient who is an adult to take three of this on a day. Along with the meal, you should take this supplement. But before taking this, you must consult with your doctor. In this way, the supplement will treat your body correctly.

You know, it works well to absorb the sugar on your body and lessens the fat from the liver. In that case, you need to take lots of water while using this supplement. Water helps it to be more effective in doing its job. The body may dehydrate by over utilizing this supplement.

In this regard, you must raise your awareness. You no need to worry much because it has not any side effects. Just maintaining the simple procedure, you can be safe from health issues like high blood sugar, fatty liver, and inflammation. Just take a note that it has the power to remove toxins from your health. You will need to have adequate water to do so.

Side Effect

Every ingredient of this supplement has come from nature. In the world, there is a lot of research that has taken place to find out the side effect. But every research has gone in vain. The ingredients are the key factor regarding this. You know, the natural herb extract has a lot of health value and do the same thing in making the supplements. For that reason, our body readily accepts this medicine without having any issues. Besides, it produces a positive result against the health problem.

The manufacturer of this supplement always claims that it has got the testimonial from the FDA and GMP. FDA has not officially announced it as an approved medicine but also has not found any side effects of it. For that reason, we recommend you to take the advice from your doctor before swallowing this. On the other hand, you need to follow some criteria to be safe from the adverse effect.

It is an absolute fact that everything has got a proper manner to comply. You should not take an overdosage of this supplement. Besides, it can be harmful to pregnant women if they make it during their pregnancy. Sometimes, diabetes-free people who are over-weighted take this to lose their weight. The manufacturers have strictly prohibited such a thing.


The benefits of this supplement are beyond description. It has such effectiveness to protect our health from an enormous health problem. You can be on the side effects of free medicine while suffering from rising sugar levels. The most important fact is that it can be dangerous for you if your sugar level remains imbalanced, and you face hardship to control. In that case, a proper supplement like this can resolve the issue for the betterment of your health.

Usually, a sugar balance pills review can be the right source of adequate information to know the exact benefits of this supplement. The list of these benefits is quite long. So, let’s short the list and have the critical facts regarding some of those benefits.

Diabetes Lessening: 

Most importantly, it lessens the impact of diabetes. You know, Diabetes is such an entirely curable health issue, but you can control it through a proper mechanism like maintaining the right lifestyle, cutting the sweets from your food list, exercising regularly, and taking only required calories, etc. but often we forget to follow these facts accurately. Thus, our sugar level goes up, and we suffer a lot. You know, you may have diabetes if your sugar level remains imbalanced for an extended period. In that case, the right supplement can be the key to solve the issues. It helps to absorb the sugar properly. In this way, it helps us in lessening diabetes.

Actuating the Pancreas: 

The supplement has the power to energize the pancreas. For this reason, the pancreas remains active in controlling blood sugar to our health. You know, the balance in blood sugar level is so essential to stay healthy all the time. But sometimes we see the imbalance at this level, which can create serious health issues for us. In this case, the supplement makes the pancreas tissue to be active.

Rectifying the Body: 

It is the crucial thing to remove toxins from our body. You know, natural herb extracts are the primary ingredients in making it. These ingredients have the effect of removing the fat from the liver. This fat can be hazardous for us. Besides, these ingredients wash away the toxins from the body. If we do not remove the fat regularly, then it will appear as the worst facts for our health. But wastes cannot stay long for the natural herb-made supplements. In this way, our body gets rectified by the usefulness of this accordingly.

Averting the Strain: 

We need to remain busy with the workload in our daily life. It creates pressure on our bodies. On the other hand, by taking a lot of food or sweets, we get over calories. These are the reason behind we get strain over time. It reduces the working capabilities of us. In this regard, natural supplements can be an excellent reason to get rid of this issue. It helps us to burn calories and loses fat as well. Besides, it produces lots of energy in our body. In this way, we can be free from strain.

Other Reasons for Using Sugar Balance

Natural things are always best for our bodies. You can remain healthy with the ingredients which come directly from nature. The reasons are so clear to be grateful for this nature. In that case, It can provide sufficient evidence to prove the statements. If you want to have more justification for using these natural supplements, then let’s go through the following facts.

  • It can keep our hormones quite stable.
  • It lessens the hunger, and thus we prevail ourselves from over-eating.
  • It improves our body construction and keeps the muscle active.
  • You can be more productive using this.
  • It can work as an anti-aging.
  • It increases our visions.
  • You can save your hard earn using this supplement.

Reviews & Complaints

As you know, lifestyle is the main factor for suffering from diseases on various occasions. It includes food habits, working manners and modules, exercise, and many more. In these modern days, we have rich foods very often. These are not good for our health, but you get defeated against the temptation of foods.

Consequently, our body finds levels up sugar and cholesterol. In this way, we lead ourselves to death. But we can get rid of this problem. What we need is just to get the supplement to protect our health. You know, it is a kind of supplement that helps us to metabolize the sugar and to produce much energy in our body entirely.

Pros & Cons Of Sugar Balance

Now, it is time to have an overview of the pros and cons of the supplements. You will get exact information from sugar balance natural supplement reviews, which will enable you to decide whether you are going to buy this product or not.


  • This product has come from essential natural herb extracts.
  • It is the most effective product to make the sugar level steady.
  • It improves the metabolism system by which the body can consume fat entirely.
  • It keeps the balance in sugar level and reduces the risk of having diabetes.
  • It restrains inflammation, skin irritation, and other health-related issues.
  • This product has got approval from GMA.
  • It controls appetite and reduces weight.
  • It purifies the liver by reducing the fat from there.
  • It activates the pancreas and makes us free from fatigue.
  • It will not cost high in comparison with other drugs.
  • It cures neuropathy.
  • One can use it for its anti-aging utility.


  • It is only useful for diabetes patients.
  • Pregnant women may face difficulties if they take it during their pregnancy.
  • The user of this product may suffer because of having an overdose.

How Do I Take?

It is not a big deal to take it for controlling the balance of the sugar level in your body. You just be aware that you should take this medicine thrice a day along with your meal. Besides, you should drink lots of water while taking this medicine. It will increase the effectiveness of the natural supplements in absorbing the sugar and fat of your body. You can also check your sugar level with pedometer.

Packages, Prices?

The price of this supplement is meager, and you can afford it. You will no need to spend much money to do so. If you consider the health benefits of this product, then the price will seem so little to you. Let’s see the packages and price of this product.


It has offered three alternative packages for its users. These are –

  • The starter package containing one bottle for one to six months will cost you $69.
  • The smart packages containing three bottles for three months will cost you $149.
  • The optimum packages containing six bottles for six months will cost you $199.


If you do not like to buy the packages, then you can go for single or multiple bottles. It will be amusing for you that there is a scope to get a sugar balance discount for this season.

  • The price of 1 bottle supplement is $147 (For this season, the discounted price is $69)
  • The cost of a three-bottle supplement is $149
  • The cost of a six-bottle supplement is $199

Where To Buy?

In your mind, lots of questions are peeping. You may be thinking, where can I buy sugar balance? This question is inevitable, and the answer is so easy. You can purchase it without facing difficulties. You will no need to search it here and there. Just go to their official website and buy the product. You can go there by clicking the order now button shown here, which will forward you to the shopping page. Just keep in mind that you have to use a master, visa card, or other internally accepted cards to complete the payment.

Refunds and Returns Policy

It comes with a smooth refund and returns policy. The amusing thing is that it provides the guaranty to its consumers that they can have the scope to get back a full refund in 180 days. If you are not satisfied with the service of this product, then you can do so. In that case, you will but get back the money that you have paid as the price. As a kind gesture from the manufacturer’s side, you can keep the bottles to you.

How Many Working Days Will It Take For the Order To Reach Me?

Usually, within 4 to 6 working days, your ordered product will reach to you. All the orders have got the sequential tracking number, and thus you can track your order. Besides, you have the scope to get the product in 2 working days. In that case, if you want to get the order delivered within two days, then you have to place the order before noon on a working day.

Where Is It Manufactured?

The place where balance gets manufactured is so familiar to us. This excellent product has come from a USA based company. That is why it has got a guaranty of having natural herb extract ingredients entirely.

What Are The Terms Of Your Guarantee?

This product does not contain any rigid terms of the guaranty. Instead of this, it bears a kind gesture from the side of the manufacture. A user can have it as a gift from the manufacturer who wants to make long term relationship with them. Besides, the manufacturer wants the patient to be eligible to fight against diabetes.

This food supplement is totally different from the others on the market. This product is made exclusively for the healing of blood sugar levels. This product is well known and is 100% F.D.A. approved, making it totally reliable for each of its users. Therefore, you can trust the company, and they will provide you notable benefits in your life.

Besides, this product has an entirely affordable price, so you will not have to invest a lot of money, and you will have fast and positive results. If you are one of the people who have tried everything, and it just doesn’t help you to control sugar levels, this is your chance: Sugar Balance. In addition, it will provide you with dozens of benefits that will help your body and your life in general. If you do not have diabetes, you can give it to someone you know who can get relief from this disease.

Sugar Balance is a supplement that will provide an energy source, a more active and positive life. It will eliminate all that desire for sugars, and at the same time, it will balance the level of sugar in the blood. If you want a positive change in life, this is for you! You will not need to be drinking hundreds of products that will not help you with anything. Love your health and continue finding a product that changes your life. Moreover, try not to avoid any symptom you might have; it will be better if you opt to buy this Sugar Balance supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is The Sugar Balance A Legitimate Supplement?

Certainly, this product is entirely authentic and legitimate. FDA and GMA have examined it and found no adulteration in its ingredients. Besides, as a user, you will no need to worry, thinking your hard money has gone wasted because you can get a refund from them. They will do it so if you have not obtained satisfaction with the performance of this product.

Can A Pregnant Woman Having Diabetes Use It?

The manufacturer has strictly prohibited using this supplement during pregnancy, even if she is a diabetes patient. It can be dangerous for her. In that case, she should take other medication until the delivery of her beloved baby.

Can My Ten-year Aged Son Take This Supplement?

This product has come in the market for the adult. If you want your son to use this supplement, then we will suggest consulting your doctor before using it in this way.

What Is Sugar Balance Used For?

The Sugar balance tablets are the perfect way to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Not only can it regulate insulin production and treat diabetes, but these supplements help with other health concerns such as Alzheimer’s disease or nerve pain for those suffering from fibromyalgia.

Does Sugar Balance Work?

Sugar Balance is the most effective diabetes tablet on Earth. From Europe, Western territories, and South Africa; it has helped millions of people to reverse type 2 Diabetes. Furthermore, from medical archives review Sugar Balance works with healthy sugar balance in mind as well! So if you’re looking for a 100% refundable supplement that actually does what it says then this one’s for you!

Is Sugar Balance Good For Diabetes?

Sugar balance is an all-inclusive supplement that prevents diabetes, treats the underlying causes of irregular blood sugar levels and diabetes. It removes fat accumulation to stabilize the flow of blood and enhances healthy sugar level metabolism due to its 2-in 1 properties. Read how good Sugar balance is and what it does in our research section for a more detailed explanation on this diabetic treatment option.

Can You Balance Sugar Intake?

Sugar balance supplements are a natural and healthy solution for those who have type diabetes symptoms. These sugar level balancing pills help to maintain the body’s ability to regulate blood glucose metabolism by allowing it in its system at all times of day while maintaining normal levels. To learn more about how these work, please read our handy guide on Sugar Balance Supplements here!

Is Sugar Balance Good Or Bad?

Sugar balance for diabetes reviews illustrate a good supplement to aid in glucose metabolism and treating diabetic blood sugar levels. To understand the supplements efficiency, you must learn why is balancing your sugars important and how Sugar Balance helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels? This article has already shared that information but if you want more insights on it.

Is Sugar Balance Safe?

Sugar balance herbal supplement is formulated with clinically-tested ingredients that are 100% safe for consumption. Each sugar balance capsule is vegetarian and halal to ensure all dietary restrictions while providing you the nutrition needed to maintain a balanced diet!

Is Sugar Balance FDA Approved?

Sugar balance is crafted in a FDA approved GMP facility to adhere with strict quality measures.

Is Sugar Balance Legitimate?

Sugar balance is a vital ingredient in the formula of Dr. David Pearson’s dietetic supplements, manufactured by Natures Formula exclusively for people who want to maintain an even sugar balance and avoid serious health consequences like diabetes or heart disease.

Where Is Sugar Balance Sold?

Sugar Balance has been a popular supplement for people to take in countries all over the world. The product is available almost everywhere, but recently Singaporean customers have come up with complaints about delays due to COVID-19 restrictions on shipment of Sugar balance products into the country. Despite this, there’s always demand and stocks run out quickly so it might be best if you call their customer service line directly instead of ordering online – especially since shipping through mail isn’t allowed anymore either!

What Store Sells Sugar Balance?

There are many products on the shelves of your local grocery store that promise to improve general health, but none quite like sugar balance. Sugar Balance is not available for purchase in stores or anywhere else other than online at its manufacturer’s website. This product can be a lifesaver if you’re struggling with blood glucose levels and diabetes because it aims to automatically regulate them while also providing energy-boosting benefits!

Sugar balance by proven health may sound too good to be true when considering the cost – $25 per bottle – however this product has been shown time and again as an invaluable ally against diabetes symptoms such as low energy, weight gain around one’s middle section (called apple shape), difficulty breathing due high concentration of fat cells in lung tissue called

Is Sugar Balance A Good Product?

Sugar balance is a new supplement on the market. It’s often prescribed by doctors and has been researched thoroughly, giving it great efficiency in fighting diabetes symptoms. The product scores very well with consumers who use it to regulate their blood sugar levels and gives them more energy as they exercise or do daily life activities- all while still feeling fuller after meals!

What Is Sugar Balance Good For?

Sugar balance is a great way to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. The supplement also helps with weight loss by reducing cravings for sugars which are often the cause of obesity.

The Sugar Balance Supplement provides an all-natural, clinically proven approach that not only prevents type two diabetes but can help reduce symptoms associated with it as well including high cholesterol, fatigue or chronic coughs because they come from carbohydrate overload in the body causing insulin resistance.

Who Makes Sugar Balance?

Dr. David Pearson knows the importance of a balanced diet and how to help people achieve that balance with his sugar formula in Natures Formula’s wellness medical lab.

Where Can I Find Sugar Balance?

You can find the supplement from the official Sugar balance website. Retailers include BuyGoods, but you’ll only be able to purchase it on their site.

What Are The Sugar Balance Phone Number And Email Address?

Sugar balance customer support phone number is 1-866-460-6008. If you are struggling with sugar addiction and having trouble cutting the sweets out of your diet, then contact us today to get timely help for this issue!

Final Verdict: Sugar Balance Review

As a natural supplement, it can make an excellent improvement to your health. It works like magic. Over the rest of your life, you will keep showing gratitude towards it. You know what, it has got all the authority to make you productive in every manner. The health issues which occur from an imbalanced sugar level can be quite complicated, but the solution is simple. You just need to use this product to resolve this to bring betterment to your health.

The fascinating things about this product are its ingredients and system of works. It contains natural herb extracts fully. That is why it has got no side effects. No other medicines from the market have such a unique utility. Besides, it can produce positive results in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand, FDA and GMA have tested it in a fast way and find it as an all-rounder to protect our health. That is why; it seems to be one of the best medicines in the market. What you just need to do is to take sugar balance regularly. Just keep in mind that it can be a beneficial matter if you seek advice from the doctors before using this supplement.

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180 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

 Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of Sugar Balance have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. For privacy protection purposes, presenter’s name, David Pearson.