Brown Sugar vs White Sugar

Sugar is an indispensable ingredient in the food and beverage industry, adding sweetness and enhancing flavors in countless recipes.

Brown Sugar has a natural golden to dark brown color and the white sugar is pure white in color.

Color and Appearance

Brown Sugar has a rich, caramel-like flavor with hints of molasses white sugar It has a simple, sweet taste without any distinct flavor notes.

Taste and Sweetness Level

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Brown Sugar tends to retain more moisture while white sugar has a drier and more crystalline texture.

Moisture Content

Brown Sugar has a distinct aroma with a warm, molasses-like scent while white Sugar is relatively neutral in aroma.

Flavor and Aroma

Brown Sugar is often preferred for recipes that benefit from its caramel flavor while white Sugar: is versatile and widely used in various culinary applications

Usage in Cooking and Baking

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