What Causes Low Blood Sugar Without Diabetes

Understanding the causes of low blood sugar without diabetes is important for proper diagnosis and management of this condition.

It occurs due to an exaggerated insulin response to a meal, causing glucose levels to fall below normal.

Reactive hypoglycemia

Intake of meals with high sugar content can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels followed by an excessive insulin release.

 Consuming high-sugar meals

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Foods rich in refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, white rice, and sugary snacks, can cause a rapid increase in blood sugar.

Excessive intake of refined carbohydrates

Prolonged periods without food can disrupt the normal balance of glucose regulation, potentially leading to low blood sugar.

Skipping meals 

Some individuals may have an exaggerated insulin response to normal glucose levels, causing blood sugar to drop excessively.

 Overproduction of insulin

: Glucagon is a hormone that helps increase blood sugar levels.

Impaired glucagon response

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